Graviola cancer cure testimonials...People claim graviola healed them

graviola testimonials

Graviola has been used in natural medicine for generations. It has become most famous, however, because of raving testimonials from cancer survivors. There are so many amazing stories from people who have overcome cancer and are completely healed of the disease. Many we have provided testimonials that graviola is a cancer cure for them, or at least a very powerful tool that they used to fight against cancer. 

There is no definitive research that can demonstrate that graviola cures cancer. For that to be true, there would need to be extensive and expensive science-backed research conducted on the natural chemical properties of graviola.

The researchers would need to isolate which natural chemical in graviola is the active ingredient and then use it on cancer patients and demonstrate definitively that it can make a sick person well again. And, of course, rid them of the disease. 

No company has yet invested the millions it would take to do this research because there is no pay off. This kind of research would have to be funded by a charitable benefactor or government agency for the public good.

However, there is real science behind that promise that show graviola may be useful in a cancer fight, including tumor shrinking properties. 

There have been some very public testimonials about graviola and cancer. Take the article from Jamaica's largest newspaper The Gleaner about Jamaicans Yvonne Kirlew and her husband Ray. Ray talked her into taking a course of graviola leaves consumed as tea three times per day. The graviola tree grows in their backyard at their home in Jamaica. After using graviola as a remedy, Yvonne became cancer free.

Graviola testimonial was in The Gleaner, a newspaper in Jamaica
The Gleaner newspaper from Jamaica

"Yvonne returned in November 2009 for a check-up. I visited both doctors (oncologist and general practitioner) with her, bringing some soursop leaves along to show them what Yvonne had been drinking. The GP was amazed that no chemotherapy was necessary. A blood test was ordered for Yvonne. The doctor called three days later to advise that Yvonne's blood was perfect ... So far (January), she is still without pain. She is due for a check-up in March," Ray told The Gleaner in 2010.

Ray and Yvonne's graviola cancer cure testimonials are two of the more famous claims about the tree and its leaves and fruit. But they are not the only ones.

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Graviola Cancer Cure Testimonials...and claims of healing help

There an incredible number of claims by users of soursop that it has curative benefits. Here's a series of graviola testimonials that we have received that demonstrate graviola's efficacy as a potent tool against cancer.

Graviola Testimonial from Bethany

Thank you Kary. My dad is improving with the help of the graviola, and my mom is going to begin taking it as a preventative measure. Thank you for providing this help for people suffering with cancer.


Graviola Testimonials from Richard and Aline

Hi Kary, I just placed another order of leaves. They disappeared fast after I started giving them out to friends with cancer, until they started ordering them. So far there has been some good results...just like my taking them for my mesothelioma, so far they haven’t been able to find anything going on 4 years at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. No other treatments but Graviola tea.


Graviola Testimonial written by Daniella

Hi Kary: This is Daniella. I want to place another order for the Guanabana leaves. They have been helping my dad and we want him to keep on taking them. His PSA score came down to normal from being at a 50 it dropped to a 0.6. We are so blessed and thankful to the Lord.


Jim's Graviola Testimonial

I have shared your cards with a number of people, I hope & pray they get the same relief I have received. Thank you again.


Kathleen's Testimonial About David

Just wanted to let you know David is still doing ok. He is drinking the tea daily.  He still has a good appetite. He is outliving his prognosis.  Thank you for helping others.


Ljubinka's Testimonial About Her Aunt

I am very happy that I found your website and that I can help my aunt recover. God is with her. Thank you.


Nicole's Testimonial About Graviola Leaves

Thank you so much for sharing your graviola leaves, I have faith that these leaves will indeed bring healing to me and my family and thank you again for sharing these with the world, you are changing lives every day!


Thank you for Blessed Efforts

My sincere and heartfelt thanks 4 ur blessed efforts towards this evil infliction upon mankind. God bless u my good man.


Testimonial for Brother

I do not have cancer but my brother did. I bought an order and sent to him to get him to try it he did and bought more from you direct. It's been about 3 months his last test was negative for cancer. Thank you. I just ordered two more bags to send to a couple of other relatives. Again thank you.



Tracy's testimonial about her father-in-law

just wanted to keep you posted on my father-in-law. He started drinking the tea 2 wks ago and just finished his 2nd week of chemo. Today he went to the emergency room, dehydrated, etc... The ER doc basically told him that the chemo is killing him. He will probably stop the chemo. He is a Purdue Alumni, and when we showed him the research that Purdue did on the graviola, he was sold! He's been drinking it religiously now for 2 wks. I think he may want us to take him some up to the hospital as it sounds like he will be there a couple of days. He went through chemo a couple of yrs. ago for bladder cancer. It was not bad on him at all, but he did lose a lot of weight that he never really gained back. Then last month, they found a small spot on on the lower part of his lung, and some spots on the surface of his pancreas. He has always been pretty healthy until the first bout with cancer. He's 78 but like I said has always been in good health until the last couple of yrs. I will ordering more leaves probably in a week or so. I tear 12-15 up and put them in a coffee filter. I call them pods, and drop one in a quart of boiling water and let steep for like an hour. My father in law likes it plain nothing added. I think it taste just like chamomile tea. I will continue to update you as time goes on. Thanks so much for what you do. Of course the final word is God's, but he does use us all as vessels so I like to believe he leads me for whatever reason and outcome. Take care. I'll be in touch.

And three weeks later...

Ok Kary, get ready for this! My father-in-law's counts were almost 1400 5 weeks ago when he started drinking graviola tea. He was given 6 months to live. He had his 4th chemo treatment this week, and as of today his counts are 186!!!!!!! That just doesn't happen with as little chemo that he's had!!! I know God lead me to you! Thank you so much for helping others! You will be greatly blessed no doubt about it! I will be ordering more leaves for myself and husband as I have gut problems. My husband now believes everyone should be drinking this regardless! I have told a few friends that have family members with cancer to please try the graviola leaves and gave them the website. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! My father in law says he KNOWS it's the tea ;) Glory be to God!


Richard's testimonial about Toi

I am writing to you because you saved my friend's life. Her name is Toi and she works at a Thai restaurant that we eat at in Bridgewater, NJ. I see her once a week and have suffered with her during the past year as I watched her deteriorate from the chemo and lung cancer. She has such a wonderful attitude and is an example for us all. During the 6 months after stopping further radiation and chemo I saw a dramatic improvement and not until Friday night did I realize her cancer was completely gone.I would like to order more leaves. Thank you so much and god bless you for the wonderful things you are doing to help others.


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  • Hi Kary, I want to thank you for these leaves! I got them for my Great Dane. My vet did everything she could and said she only has about 6 months of life left due to her cancer and tumors. She was lethargic and had very low energy. After a few months of mixing the tea with her food she is back to her old self and the tumors are going away! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


  • My husband Rodger back in June was rushed to hospital with seizure type symptoms. Dr. found tumor pressing on left side of brain. It was removed. What they found was small cell lung cancer that traveled to brain. He started chemo and now radiation. In July I faithfully have been making 2 quarts cancer dosing tea every other day. Rodger drinks 4 glasses about a quart a day. His Oncologist is so amazed with the decreasing of tumor in lung. It has decreased 50% in 4 months.small cell is a stage 4 aggressive cancer. He was given 3 to 6 months. Looking forward to a full recovery with tea!! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis for a 15 years. 2 years ago I got off all drugs Doctors had been giving me. Started all natural remedies. In July I also started drinking tea. My inflammation has gone completely down. Amazing. Thank you for giving us a road to health again!
    May God keep surrounding you with protection to continue to restore health back to others!

  • I have a friend who was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer. She chose Graviola over conventional treatment and is the picture of health over a year since she was given her death sentence.
    For the life of me I can’t understand why people would drink Graviola tea while taking chemo!
    Chemo kills every cell. Graviola kills only cancer cells. What do people expect it to do along with chemo??

    Joan Rooney
  • Will the graviola pills capsule form work ? I have some and want to start asap for my sons tumors of throat cancer while I order leaves . Thank you ! Joy

  • Very much disappointed with the quality of leaves delivered.


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