soursop leaves for Canada

Graviola Leaves - Shipped to Canada

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Soursop Leaves for Canada

Wild grown, hand picked organic graviola leaves - also known as soursop leaves and "guanabana leaves" among Spanish-speaking people.

Our leaves are air dried and ready to make tea for people fighting cancer and other health ailments. Includes free shipping to Canada.

We ship organic soursop leaves to all Canadian provinces and territories including these major cities including:

      • St John's, Newfoundland
      • Charlottetown, PEI
      • Halifax, Nova Scotia
      • Fredericton, New Brunswick
      • Quebec City, Quebec
      • Montreal, Quebec
      • Ottawa, Ontario
      • Toronto, Ontario
      • Winnipeg, Manitoba
      • Regina, Saskatchewan
      • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
      • Calgary, Alberta
      • Edmonton, Alberta
      • Vancouver, B.C.
      • Victoria, B.C.
      • Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
      • Whitehourse, Yukon
      • Iqaluit, Nunavut

Do you ship soursop leaves to my Canadian city or town or rural route?

If you have an address that includes any postal code in Canada, we will ship you soursop leaves to your Canadian home.

How long does it take to ship graviola / soursop leaves to Canada

We ship from Florida via USPS (U.S. Postal Service) to Canada, so it takes 6 to 10 days using our free shipping service. 

Looking for graviola leaves shipped to countries outside Canada?

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