Graviola Leaves For Cancer

graviola treeWe wild harvest graviola leaves in the Virgin islands. Some may know them as a soursop or guanabana leaves. Graviola is the name of the amazing tree, that bears amazing leaves and fruit.

The tall evergreen tree that grows wild here in the islands. And they can be found on most Caribbean Islands, and throughout equatorial South America and tropical central America.

Famous cancer fighting tool

Graviola is famous for treating cancer. Some people swear by its curative properties. And while it cannot been definitively named a cure for cancer, there is a real science behind these anecdotal claims. We certainly believe that it is a potent tool to fight the disease.

Scientific laboratory studies have been performed on graviola tree extracts that show it can be used to fight tumor growth.

The best way to consume graviola for this purpose is by making tea from the  leaves. We harvest these leaves from wild trees, air dry them, and ship them to you in the USA or to international addresses.

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