What is Annona Muricata?

soursop fruit from annona muricata

Annona Muricata is the scientific name that refers for the tree that is known as the graviola or soursop tree. Spanish speakers will know it as guanabana.

It is a species of the plant genus Annona of the custard apple tree family. The tree grows wild and well in tropical climates and can be found in the Caribbean, South America, and in countries around the world that are found in the tropics.

Annona Muricata is an evergreen tree that has broad green leaves, which when dried, are used in natural medicine to make tea, which tastes like green tea with a slight vanilla flavor.

The fruit of Annona Muricata is known as soursop fruit. It is a large spiny green fruit that has a wet custard like pulp inside. It has a mango and banana flavor with notes of citrus.

The fruit and leaves have long been used in practitioners of  medicine to fight a variety of medical issues including high blood pressure, dysentery, head lice, skin eruptions (used topically), liver disorders, inflammation, bacterial infections, viral infections depression and anxiety, insomnia.

Annona Muricata and cancer

Most famously annona muricata is used to combat cancer. Fruit and leaves are consumed by cancer fighters in an effort to shrink or eliminate tumors. While there is no definitive scientific proof that annona muricata can be used as a cure for cancer, there is lab research that shows it has definitive tumor shrinking properties. There are also plenty of claims and testimonials by its proponents that it has helped defeat their cancer, however without full-scale protocol-based clinical research studies in humans this claim cannot be confirmed.

Any curative claims made in this regard by anyone who trades in consumable products from annona muricata has drawn legal attention from the Food and Drug Administration in the United States.

Research that involves annona muricata and its extracts has been ongoing through the last few decades, however no company has been able to isolate a patentable product that could be marketed commercially to fighter cancer. As such, people continue to use the fruit and leaves as a natural remedy, relying on initial lab studies and anecdotal evidence that it has cancer fighting value.

Where to buy graviola leaves from the tree known as annona muricata

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graviola leaves